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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How can you help me take my Website online?
A: You don't have to worry about expensive and complicated Web development tools or complex Web hosting decisions. Our Web Designers will custom design, create, and help you to find the best host for your Website needs.

Q: How do I get a domain address?
A: You can submit the web site address (also know as a domain name) that you would like, and if it is available we will register the domain name for you for a small fee ($9.99), valid for one year. The renewal fee ($9.99) after one year is your responsibility.

Q: Are there any additional "hidden" or "extra" fees?
A: No. The fees that we normally charge are: for domain register, for web hosting and our services (web design).

Q: Do I have to give out my personal e-mail address on my website in order for my online customers to contact me?
A: No, we can set up for you web-based e-mail accounts, such as or

Q: How people can find my Website?
A: Your website, including your description and selected keywords, is registered with top search engines for maximum exposure for your Website.